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Finally! At long last, it is done! (Well, at least until I find another source that needs to be added to it.) Back in 2015 I began to collect into a single document personal heraldry, coats of arms and crests, as used in what is now the United States of America. I did so because I sometimes found myself having to search through three, four, five, six, and more different books and sources when trying to research a coat of arms here in the U.S. But once done, why should I keep such a research tool to myself, when I can share it with others who may also find it useful? So I have uploaded two .zip files to this website. One contains a .docx and a .xlsx file - the first is an explanatory document of the collection's history, along with a bibliography of the sources I've used and a key to those sources, and the second is the actual collection. This .zip file can be downloaded from this website by clicking here.

But because I know that not everyone can utilize Microsoft's .docx and .xlsx files, I have also saved each file as a .doc and .xls file. The .xls may be slightly more limited in what you can do with it, but contains all of the same data, and really, that's what's important, right? The zipped .doc and .xls files can be downloaded here.

If you find these files useful, great! If you find an error (or errors; I don't claim to have caught every single typo or other mistake (As I often say, "I am a prefect tpyist; I never make mistrakes"), though I have tried very hard to find and fix them), please let me know so I can correct it (or them) and upload the corrected files. And, of course, if you find another source which describes personal arms used in the United States that is not included in this collection, let me know about that, too, so they can be added and the collection updated.

Well, I asked for some feedback a while back, and I received some. Based on that feedback, I am continuing to create our monthly 3" x 3" heraldic cross stitch charts, since there seems to be some interest in having me design them. So feel free to drop by (and to continue to drop by!) our Free Stuff page for each month's new needlework charts, or you can click on the link further below on this page to go directly to the newest one.

The Fiber Arts portion of Appleton Studios is up and on-line again! Because Jo Ann finds it easier for her to do, the new Appleton Studios Fiber Arts page can be found on Etsy under the name Appleton Fiber Art. Or just click the link for Appleton Fiber Art to go there directly. She expects to be adding more items to the page there periodically, so please feel free to drop by on a regular basis to see what's new there. (Since I won't always have the time to also note it here as well.)

We have added some more books to our Remaindered and Gently Used Heraldry Books page. We try to keep our eyes out for bargains in heraldry books, and when we find some that are in good or better condition and which can be sold to you at a bargain price, we buy them and make them available. Check out our Used Books page for these great buys, and see if there are any you don't already own that you can add to your heraldic library without breaking your budget!

We keep regularly adding new entries to our web log, or blog, about heraldry. The blog is musings of one kind or another about some of the heraldry that we see, or find, or run across in our research. The hope is that our readers will find it informative, educational and of interest. We also have links to some of the better on-line armorials and ordinaries, heraldry websites, heraldry books, heraldic clipart and other blogs about heraldry, to all of which we continue to add as we find good ones. We encourage you to check it out and, if you find it interesting, to drop back by on a regular basis to see what's new. Or you can become a Follower and get updates emailed directly to your in-box. (There's a link to do that down the left-hand column on the blog's page.) You can find our blog, Heraldry: Musings about an esoteric topic on-line at http://blog.appletonstudios.com

Drop by our Free Stuff page, where we will place various goodies that you can access or download for free.

Our free heraldic needlework chart for this month has been uploaded here (or you can use the link on our Free Stuff page). (These needlework charts are a series of charts of various heraldic charges. They are in .pdf format, but if you'd prefer one of these free charts as a .jpg or .gif or in some other format, please feel free to write, telephone, or e-mail us at the address, telephone number, or e-mail addresses here and we will be happy to send you one! Let us know which format you prefer.)

We also sell a set that includes the first twelve of these needlework charts, another set that features the second twelve, a third set that features the third dozen, and so on up through the ninth dozen. Or you can get a CD-ROM with all 108 charts on it (each chart is 3"x3", 18 stitches/inch). More information and a description of what these packages include can be found here.

Naturally, we're hoping that you will see actual examples of what we can produce and ask us to create charts of larger, more complex heraldic works, or customized needlework or embroidery charts on any subject. In the meantime, though, we are finding it a fun project that let's us combine our various interests - heraldry and textile arts - and we hope that you may find them entertaining and educational as well.

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